Uninstalling pip-installed open-cravat

pip uninstall open-cravat This will not delete cravat-system.yml and, if made, the modules folder under <your python's site-packages directory>/cravat, which will be re-used if open-cravat is installed again. At this point, the whole cravat folder can be manually deleted.

Uninstalling Windows installer-based open-cravat

Open “Apps & features” (or “Programs and Features”), select open-cravat, and select “Uninstall”.

Uninstalling Mac OS installer-based open-cravat

There are two methods. 1. Open “Applications” with Finder. Move “OpenCRAVAT” to Trash. or 2. Open Terminal. Run `rm -rf /Applications/OpenCRAVAT.app” with admin privilege.